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This site assists with conducting usability evaluations measuring user satisfaction.

You can perform a one time 'Single-Use Evaluation' or group multiple evaluations via the 'Continuous Evaluation'. Additionally, this site provides an administrative dashboard page for visualizing results from one's 'Continuous Evaluation'

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About Words: concept from The Desirability Toolkit

Asking people to choose words that they would use to describe a product and to explain their choices is a great way to open up a little window into their world. It’s a great way to tease out invaluable user feedback and to capture both quantitative and qualitative data (Capturing user feedback)

Words is an activity for measuring satisfaction associated with the field of UX. Commonly accomplished via a questionnaire, Words originally comprises of 118 words, which are intended to best describe one's interaction with a product/application. Results generate a score (0-100%) referred to as a 'desirability score'.

Other researchers, professionals, and students have adapted this Toolkit differently, but what I found important to adapt was:

↣ Option to choose a subset of words, as to be more focused, and receive and digest user feedback quicker.
↣ Provide a means of visualizing and analyzing results, for individual and group studies using a dashboard.
↣ The ability to view a dictionary explanation of each word, as to eliminate any uncertainty in the mind of the user.
↣ Add a small section for free text review, so a user may further describe their interaction using words, which may not have appeared in the words list provided.

Capture insight into a user’s interactive experience! By comprehending descriptive words which best express how users feel overall, designers may reflect on the outcome, compare a set of user results and identify whether there is commonality or disparity. After analyzing results, if the words chosen to describe the users' interaction are quite spread out or comprising of many negative words, then a new design approach should become a priority.

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I created this site during my master's studies, as a mechanism to capture user research evaluations for a mobile app development project.
Now, it remains as a free tool for all to enjoy.

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